"Très drôle et bluffant !"

Jenifer Bartoli, Chanteuse

" Absolute efficiency and natural sympathy with his audience, well done! "

Smaïn, Comedian

" Very impressive and unforgettable! "

Virginie Efira, Actrice.

" Amazing, you deserve to be in my Hit Machine ! "

Charly Nestor, producter & TV animator

" I loved what you did ! You're really good."

Denis Brogniart, TV animator TF1

" You killed it man ! "

Stomy Bugsy, Actor & Rapper

" This man is annoying ! I can only recommend him, we had a great time."

Sébastien CHABAL, Rugby player XV de France



In 2012, his career takes off, Clement quickly finds himself entertaining heads of companies, billionaires and celebrities.

Lauching the first NISSAN showroom in Saudi Arabia, performing for Viking Line on the Baltic sea, famous tennis tournament Roland Garros or the British Embassy in Paris.

Today, Clement is still working hard and sharpening his skill with always the same goal in mind : to surprise you.

Meet him.